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MAJORS: Computer Science, Information Technology

A major in the Computing Sciences prepares students for positions in business, industry, education, or graduate programs in Computer Science, Information Systems or Information Technology.

  • The Computer Science major leads to a B.A. degree and includes courses that provide a balance between the development of science,
    mathematical and business-related applications.  Available courses provide the necessary theoretical fundamentals for the study of algorithms, programming, and the design of computer systems, as well as the application of computing to business and management.  The wide variety of electives allows the student to tailor the major to theoretical computer science or to information systems.
  • The Information Technology major prepares students to meet the technology needs of business, government, healthcare, schools, and other kinds of organizations. Its emphasis is on the technology itself more than on the information it conveys. The IT graduate will possess a combination of theoretical knowledge and practical expertise to handle the information technology infrastructure needs of an organization, including selecting and installing hardware and software, customizing, and maintaining applications, and managing networks. The  Information Technology major earns a B.A. degree.

MINORS: Applied Computer Science, Theoretical Computer Science, and Information Technology.

HONORS: Students majoring in Computer Science or Information Technology who are judged qualified by the faculty may, upon invitation, elect to pursue honors work in Computer Science or Information Technology.


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